School Programs

The best place to be…in the outdoors!

For the past 30 years the Mini-Yo-We Outdoor Centre has been leading
excellent learning adventures for school groups.

Mini-Yo-We Outdoor Centre programs are based on discovery and
application. They are intended to inspire personal growth while meeting
educational curriculum objectives.

Every participant’s mind, body and spirit will be challenged. Individuals are encouraged to step out of their “comfort zone” in a safe environment and engage in experiences that will lead them to positive responses in real life situations.
All programs are designed with timeless and relevant “life principles” at their core, focusing on community, team building, communication, leadership, and problem solving. These life principles directly apply to everyday life, whether in the family, at school, or in the workplace.

Our outdoor recreation programs provide a great environment for team building, leadership development and personal growth.

We offer elementary and secondary school programs specializing in team-building and group dynamics. Our challenge-by-choice approach to recreational activities ensures a safe learning environment where individuals are encouraged to challenge themselves at their personal skill and ability levels.

We encourage academic enrichment in our outdoor recreation and outdoor education activity options and provide opportunities for leadership development, building self-esteem and socialization. Our team ensures that all students reach their full potential by using learning models that encourage hands-on learning.

Our aim is to provide three key aspects in our teaching:

  1. Safety
  2. Enjoyment
  3. Learning

We believe that if these three elements are incorporated into everything we do, then everyone will experience one of the best events of their lives!

Our winterized site includes beautiful cabins, cross-country and snowshoe trails, a snow tube hill and a skating rink. These facilities allow us to provide program opportunities in any weather. The beauty of God’s creation at Camp Mini-Yo-We is waiting to be experienced year-round, so we invite you to see what we can provide for your school or team!