There is something incredibly powerful that occurs when students are taken out of their normal environment and given a chance to experience something new. When youth that are normally incredibly busy, are able to relax and slow down and invest in friendships and new activities there is an opportunity to connect with God and their peers in a way they normally could not achieve.

At the Mini-Yo-We Outdoor Centre we work alongside you and your team to provide a great facility and excellent activity options so that you can be extremely creative in developing a weekend retreat that will be memorable for your youth for years to come.

We have designed our Retreat Programs to cater to the needs of various ages and types of groups. Programs can be tailored to introduce guests to a variety of new and exciting activities or to encourage learning and developing teamwork.

Our winterized site includes beautiful cabins and facilities, enabling us to provide program opportunities in any weather. We invite you to see what we can provide for your youth group, church or team!

We have hosted weekend retreats for church youth groups, men’s groups, and women’s groups for over 30 years!

Call us today so we can help you design the ultimate retreat at a price you can afford.